We are committed to appropriate environmental stewardship, monitoring the performance of our responsible investments and measuring our progress toward improving the environmental footprint of our properties through the implementation of targeted environmental efficiency projects and equipment upgrades such as such as photovoltaic systems, LED lighting and higher efficiency HVAC systems. We seek to partner with our tenants to improve the efficiency of their leased space, decrease their resource consumption and increase the value of and return on our properties. These savings initially accrue to the tenants under our triple-net leases but also make our buildings more competitive and attractive to potential tenants when exposed to market conditions in future lease negotiations. In addition, when one of our buildings becomes vacant, we advance our cost-saving modernization efforts on our own initiative.

We are a growth-oriented company, and much of our growth is external, from acquisitions. Accordingly, we believe our environmental strategies are most effective if they influence how we price and purchase a building, rather than being restricted to incremental improvement of already-owned real estate. We employ responsible investing practices as part of our acquisitions due diligence process. Where feasible, in considering potential acquisitions, we evaluate and underwrite building systems, equipment and technologies that improve efficiency and conserve natural resources.


Recognizes forward-thinking companies that utilize energy efficient and sustainable leases

  • Silver level awarded 2019
  • STAG form lease crafted to include environmentally friendly provisions with an emphasis on energy efficiency to promote sustainability


Leverage rooftop square footage to create clean energy

  • Three installations to be completed by 2020 and additional viable sites identified within the portfolio
  • Actively pursuing opportunities nationwide
  • Four states / 12 buildings / 21 mega watts of potential production


Redirect sunlight to reduce warehouse temperature and decrease energy usage

  • Converted 16% of rooftops from non-reflective to reflective since 2015
  • Expect over 40% of portfolio to benefit from reflective roofing by 2020


More efficient lighting system reduces energy usage

  • Efficient lighting systems in over 85% of portfolio
  • Converted more than four million square feet of less efficient lighting systems to LED systems since 2016
  • Actively pursuing additional opportunities for upgrade across portfolio